Quick reflection on “When My Brother Was an Aztec”

Way back in October I began reading Natalie Diaz’s poetry collection, When My Brother Was an Aztec. It was on my radar for sometime. Finally, I jumped into it, and found, to my surprise, more confidence in my voice as a neurodivergent poet. I finished it this past weekend. The second section of the book--intimately … Continue reading Quick reflection on “When My Brother Was an Aztec”


‘A white space is a white space if you let it’

I met up with a close friend for dinner a few weeks ago. We took to Downtown Culver City on a Wednesday night for a pizza and drinks special. On this day--and every day we meet up, really--we reflect and question and appreciate all that has influenced our decisions. We met in college during the … Continue reading ‘A white space is a white space if you let it’

Before poet, I was athlete

I've been concerned about a few questions since last summer. Before a poet, I was an athlete. With sports, namely soccer, came a relentless expectation to be unfeeling, disciplined, and physical. As I write this, I’m reminded that both sports and poetry call on the body and mind in similar ways. I'm grappling now in … Continue reading Before poet, I was athlete


Reader, I'm committing to writing one essay per week this 2017. In what I hope proves to be a generative exercise--a launching pad for practice as an essayist and poet--this challenge comes to me from a VONA/Voices colleague, Vanessa Martir, who I had the pleasure of meeting in Miami this past summer. Adelante.

“Return to Aztlan” theme park in Coachella?

http://www.desertsun.com/story/news/2015/02/17/coachella-theme-park-movie-studio/23585911/ "The proposed 'Return To Aztlan' park includes a 200-foot pyramid, 10,000-person concert plaza, 12-screen movie theater, rides, a river walk, hotel, restaurants and stores. "Aztlán Development, the Palm Springs-based group behind the idea, also wants to build a movie studio and sound stage in order to encourage film production in the east valley." Hmmm. … Continue reading “Return to Aztlan” theme park in Coachella?