I wrote a poem about Donald Trump

Last week, for the entire week, I was at The Home School Claremont 2017, writing and workshopping my poems with poets from all over the country. It was exhausting. Each night, I stayed up late to generate a new poem for workshop the next day. I hardly slept, and didn't eat too well. I got … Continue reading I wrote a poem about Donald Trump


Variations on themes from Spiderman

I'm on my parents' couch, unsmiling and cold. It’s New Year’s Eve, and they're not home. I decided days before to stay in, kick back, not go to San Jose with them. I begin to regret it because transitions of time, like New Year’s, get my mind jumping. I’m feeling overwhelmed--too small to fill this … Continue reading Variations on themes from Spiderman


Reader, I'm committing to writing one essay per week this 2017. In what I hope proves to be a generative exercise--a launching pad for practice as an essayist and poet--this challenge comes to me from a VONA/Voices colleague, Vanessa Martir, who I had the pleasure of meeting in Miami this past summer. Adelante.

U.S. Immigration: The People’s Portfolio

  "This collaboration between The People’s Portfolio and Human Rights Watch highlights immigrants whose stories illustrate unjust immigration laws in the United States—and in particular, the destructive impact of deportations on families. The project puts a human face to provisions in the Immigration Reform Bill that recently passed in the United States senate, showing the … Continue reading U.S. Immigration: The People’s Portfolio