I wrote a poem about Donald Trump

Last week, for the entire week, I was at The Home School Claremont 2017, writing and workshopping my poems with poets from all over the country. It was exhausting. Each night, I stayed up late to generate a new poem for workshop the next day. I hardly slept, and didn't eat too well. I got … Continue reading I wrote a poem about Donald Trump


Variations on themes from Spiderman

I'm on my parents' couch, unsmiling and cold. It’s New Year’s Eve, and they're not home. I decided days before to stay in, kick back, not go to San Jose with them. I begin to regret it because transitions of time, like New Year’s, get my mind jumping. I’m feeling overwhelmed--too small to fill this … Continue reading Variations on themes from Spiderman


Reader, I'm committing to writing one essay per week this 2017. In what I hope proves to be a generative exercise--a launching pad for practice as an essayist and poet--this challenge comes to me from a VONA/Voices colleague, Vanessa Martir, who I had the pleasure of meeting in Miami this past summer. Adelante.