U.S. Immigration: The People’s Portfolio


“This collaboration between The People’s Portfolio and Human Rights Watch highlights immigrants whose stories illustrate unjust immigration laws in the United States—and in particular, the destructive impact of deportations on families. The project puts a human face to provisions in the Immigration Reform Bill that recently passed in the United States senate, showing the very broad ways in which the immigration system is broken, and what changes are most desperately needed.”

See the other photo projects here: http://www.thepeoplesportfolio.org/index/#/immigrationlightbox/

Since my first immigrant rights march in LA, back on May Day 2006, I’ve been drawn to the narratives of immigrant folks. I come from a mixed-status family. Relatives of mine came up from Mexico–a sacrifice that has provided incredible opportunities for me. I’ve heard their stories and have indirectly felt their pain. Their traumas have very much become my own. This project is such a powerful visualization, looking at a particular community’s universal human experiences of nurturing love and creating opportunity–both are human rights that should not be systematically punished.

Check out an interview with the photographer, Platon, here: http://www.msnbc.com/changing-america/watch/heartbreaking-photos-bring-immigration-struggle-to-life-411058755554



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