Dear Beautiful Readers, I present to you my editorial plans

So, blogging university said to put together a nice, little plan for what I’ll be positing on my blog. Be aware, this blog is still in the works. I apologize for the randomness. But I appreciate your reading and engagement. I’ll be sure to return the love! So, here it is, a somewhat plan in the works:


M: Mainstream news media breakdown (except for today), when I share and critique all the badly represented and expressed news articles about Latinos and other ethnic folks.

T: Personal projects, when I will share the non-blog stuff that I’m working on. I have a few things on the way.

W: Creative writing! My poetry, new and old.

Th: Throwback, of course because all the cool kids do it. But mine will feature my older work (when I accumulate more stuff) and my new writings about old school, but still relevant, things.

F: Foto Fridays, where I share my photo skills. Most will be of protests or beautiful, random places that have some underlying commentary on something significant. I’ll be getting started on my own photography projects soon, so look out for that.


Gracias for reading. Peace.



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