U.S. government, I give you the fattest F known to humankind



Grade: F

I’d like to know the survival rates of the children México (through U.S. pressure and involvement) is sending back to Central America under this new strategy, Plan Frontera Sur. How many of the almost 11,000 unaccompanied minors are going to survive? Deporter-in-Chief Obama is right about this being a “humanitarian situation.” But for whom? The United States? U.S. government, I give you the fattest F known to humankind. This issue is not about you and your safety.

The U.S. state government has offered $86 million towards this operation, which includes “new checkpoints, road blocks, naval bases and [more modern] inspection technologies.” Go ahead, militarize the border some more. But central ámericanos are still going to come. Why? Because central ámerica is f’d up (in part due to the U.S.). Without any plans to tackle the gang and cartel violence poisoning Central America, what can the U.S. and México expect to happen? Invest the money in some real humanitarian projects: schools, crisis centers, safe houses, etc. This militarized enforcement plan is not humanitarian, Deporter-in-Chief Obama.

The U.S. state government has also announced a $1 billion proposal to jump in and steer Central American governments and economies. Fudge. We already know how this is going to turn out. Cold War, anyone? Operation Condor? Keep it in your pockets, U.S.A.

Immigration reform is a solution, yup. Pero, the U.S. needs to cool it first with all this spending. In some dark understanding of the matter, the U.S. is funding the low survival rates of all these children. México? Man, they have a lot of problems already. We know damn well Mexican government is wack beyond measure. But the U.S., well, can you stop being so damn egocentric? Tear down the pinche wall.






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