My three goals for this blog


Why do I blog — or better, decided to create a blog? I’m a writer at heart. I love the transformative power of literacy. Creating a blog for me, in a way, was to write through and clarify my thoughts and ideas — somewhat of a digital journal, but with a purpose. Ideally, my blog would provoke thought and discussion about topics pertaining to ethnic communities (comparative ethnic studies is what I’d love to study in graduate school in the near future). My readers would be young folks looking for alternate realities of what convention is telling them to think and do. I’d post multiple times a day, highlighting my art projects and the art of others that engage ethnic communities in new, multidisciplinary ways.


1. Establish a new weekly feature (publish it once a week for two months)

2. Spend time each week visiting blogs (especially my followers’ blogs), and read and comment on their posts

3. Publish everyday

Gracias for reading. Cheer me on — I’ll do the same.


Blogging 201: Branding and Growth:



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